This is reflected in frequent bilateral talks between Chancellor Angela Merkel and François Hollande, also in the run-up to official summit meetings. Some men and women in French show business (e.g. Sacha Guitry or Arletty) were accused of collaboration in the post-war period because they had maintained more or less close ties with representatives of the occupying power between 1940 and 1944. As a result, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait and Iraq broke off diplomatic relations with the Federal Republic of Germany. member states. Since 1990, the Federal Republic has consisted of 16 states. In recent years, the countries have adapted to the progressive European integration and created or expanded appropriate structures: In most countries, Europe ministers coordinate the country's European policy. Together, the Länder maintain the establishment of the Observer of the Länder to the European Union, which has the task of supporting the Länder and the German Bundesrat in exercising their duties and rights in EU affairs. Even after the establishment of special courts, Resistance fighters and other sections of the population continued to take action against former collaborators on their own initiative. Extreme right-wing newspapers and former members of the Vichy regime or their lawyers spread a "légende noire" (black legend) with reports of massacres and manipulated figures. In the line ministries, separate departments or divisions have been set up that deal exclusively with European dossiers.

Since initially only the active participants in the cleansing ortheir victims spoke out and no serious investigations were carried out into every case by the police or gendarmerie, an objective assessment was hardly possible. Rather, the states are bound to old state treaties either directly or as successor states – such as in the case of the Prussian Concordat. In return, they are said to have received media, marketing and sponsorship rights for soccer tournaments in the USA and Latin America. The Brazilians competed throughout – with one exception – in the uncompleted Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, which was built especially for this World Cup and held almost 200,000 spectators at the time. Through all these measures, mexico soccer team jersey the countries have been able to secure and selectively expand their influence on European policy decisions. According to case law and the prevailing view in jurisprudence, the federal states have original state power and thus state quality. He was also proven to have handed over a worker from the Berliet works to the Gestapo through the mediation of a plant security employee from the Milice française.

He was accused of producing trucks for the Wehrmacht to keep the company going, suppressing the Resistance by prohibiting sabotage and thus using Germany. Soon after the German troops withdrew, members of the Résistance and, a little later, the Provisional Government of the French Republic began to take action against such spontaneous acts of violence and initiate "legal cleansing operations" ("épuration judiciaire"). Given the long absence of military support from the English king, most of his allies had been reluctant to campaign against the French king, and with his rather small army alone, the English king could not hope to defeat the French army. Contrary to the wishes of the occupying power, artistic circles in the French capital tried to maintain a certain artistic level (theatre, opera). According to National Socialist ideas, Paris was to be a capital of easy living (thirteen brothels reserved for Germans) and mass leisure pleasures. Desiring to deprive France of its cultural significance for Europe and transform it into a predominantly agrarian region, German politics encouraged the regionalist literature that arose under the Vichy regime.

The year 1960 is considered Serbia's debut. Serbia has been appearing under its own name since 2006, but has not yet been able to qualify for a European Championship. Less than one Frenchman in a thousand was interned or arrested, well below the comparative figures for Denmark, Norway, Belgium and the Netherlands. The USA again traveled to the World Cup as Olympic champions. This was officially presented on March 22, 2006 at the friendly between Germany and the USA in Dortmund. Professional Major League Rugby, with 13 teams participating in 2022, is the top tier rugby league in the United States and was established in 2017 to develop the sport of rugby. For the World Cup in 2006, the German teams introduced their own mascot, Paule, based on the DFB eagle. Games sold in Germany feature the coach of the German national soccer team, Joachim Löw, on the cover. Politically, the Federal Republic of Germany is divided into 16 federal states. Their statehood and fundamental decision-making authority is based on Article 30 of the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany. The constitutional framework of this form of government is determined by federal constitutional law, the so-called homogeneity requirement of the Basic Law (Art. Corresponding constitutional bases can be found in the section "The federal and state governments", Art. CONMEBOL), Europe (UEFA) and Oceania (OFC) also feature the champions from the host country's league, who first have to play an elimination match against the winner of the OFC Champions League.

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